"Inside Out is a smart, spunky little musical ... characters who seem like real people with real problems, even when they sing and dance ... Inside Out stands out as a bright, witty and wise musical comedy about the way we live now."
- Stephen Holden, New York Times

"These women are desperate, smart, sassy, affectionate, aware and determined...such outgoing homebodies they make the whole audience feel like part of the group. In fact, that is the secret of this entire merry musical."
- D. Bruckner, New York Times

"Music is great, very catchy. It's fabulous, adorable, riveting. Could be the next Fantasticks. Go and see this, it's a great show, better than Nunsense."
- Joy Behar, WABC Talk Radio

The show has "engaging, sometimes powerful tunes to keep things rolling along. Some of the songs propel the story, and very cleverly — and some stand back and make a commentary on it."
- Los Angeles Daily News

"The music and lyrics propel the book...the songs are predominantly integrated into the story line and continue the action rather than interrupting it — not always the case in the world of musical theater."
- Los Angeles Times

"A cheery engagingly entertaining experience...the actresses comically and dramatically reveal themselves in songs. The stories flow naturally into the funny, cutting and moving songs...Each breakthrough becomes an uplifting experience."
- J. Handelsmann, Sarasota Herald


"Adryan Russ' 'The Better Love Is, The Worse It Is When It's Over' is a standout on Barry White's album, Barry and Glodean."
- Record World Magazine

"The title song 'White Lies' (lyrics by Adryan Russ) nails the theme of the film The Check Is in the Mail and the no-holds-barred words rub it in your face."
- Los Angeles Times

"What's it about a story that sets me on fire?" Adryan Russ writes in the lyric to 'Everyone Has A Story.' Part of the answer is, "I love to peel the wrong, reveal the right...Beneath the darkest tale there's always light." And Russ peels away matters of the heart, the joy and irritation of friends, living for the moment and the effects of aging in 15 songs turned over to an array of engaging performers backed by crisp arrangements by Grant Geissman. Whether upbeat — as in 'Great Things' (a winningly graceful read by Juliana Ashley Hansen; music by Brad Ellis) and the title track (Joan Ryan) — melancholy — the loss of love and friendship in 'Hopscotch' (Karen Benjamin) and the album's standout moment, 'I Slip Into This Place' (Sharon McNight's raw and smoky vocal echoes the great blues singers of the past) — or exploring the wonder and pain of love — the lovingly crafted 'Matters of the Heart' (tenderly caressed by Tami Tappan;), 'The Better Love Is, The Worse It Is When It's Over' (David Burnham), 'I Want to Live This Love' (Burnham and Tappan), 'I Hate to See You Go' (Susan Egan) — there's a core of truth in Russ' creations that the listener will relate to, especially if the urge to speak the truth has been suppressed, 'I Don't Say Anything' (Cindy Benson) and 'Them' (Barbara Deutsch)."
- Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes

With unmistakably Broadway melodic lines, razor-sharp lyrics and wide-eyed performances by top cabaret stars like Sharon McNight and Jason Graae, Everyone finally puts this gifted composer front and center. Russ, best known for her off-Broadway musical Inside Out, couldn't ask for a more convincing showcase. Thanks to the dedication of the participants — especially arranger Grant Geissman and producer Bruce Kimmel — what could have been a mixed bag is an embarrassment of riches. You'll hear shimmers of Menken, Hamlisch, and Shire, but more often, an original voice sings out.
- OUT Magazine

Everyone Has A Story, The Songs of Adryan Russ offers a variety of emotions put forth by a bevy of terrific singers including Jason Graae and Susan Egan. The real find on this disc is a future hit entitled "Matters of the Heart" well sung by Tami Tappan stressing the value of what is felt with an easy flowing melody and a simple honest emotive lyric. Other highlights include Sharon McNight in an alcoholic haze of lost love called "I Slip Into This Place" and "Great Things," a Disney-like anthem of positive thinking.
- 93.5 WRTN FM/1460 WVOX AM New York, Lesley Alexander's CD, Theatre & Cabaret Update

"Life," says Adryan Russ in one of the 15 songs featured on this showcase for her work, "is not a science, it's an art." There is no doubting the exuberant and romantic spirit that pervades the songs on this album. Russ' romanticism is the type that believes in the boundless possibilities of human achievement, in the ability of the spirit to overcome the greatest adversity. This, in Adryan Russ' world, everyone does indeed have a story, anyone can achieve "great things." Those seeking well-written songs of positive affirmation would do well to listen to Joan Ryan and Juliana Ashley Hansen's delivery of the opening two tracks, the latter with music written by Brad Ellis.... Russ' songs are solidly constructed, well written for the voice and abound with inventive lyrics....Whether you're a cabaret patron (or booking agent) eager to hear a whole raft of highly talented singers on one album or a performer in search of new material that can make your audience laugh, cry or sigh out loud, you would be well-advised to make time in your schedule and space in your CD rack for this refreshing and entertaining album.
- Spotlight Reviews, United Kingdom

"Everyone loves the songs of award-winning lyricist/composer Adryan Russ! 15 of today's hottest Broadway talents are featured on this CD, including Susan Egan, Juliana Ashley Hansen, Michelle Nicastro and Jason Graae!"

Time for some CDs. I started with Everyone Has a Story: The Songs of Adryan Russ (the songwriter who, with Doug Haverty, wrote the 1994 Off-Broadway group therapy musical Inside Out). This album doesn't include my two favorite songs from the show, "Let It Go" and "Do It at Home," for they're group efforts; but it does feature "I Don't Say Anything," in which a passive woman complains: "See how I turn the other cheek when my ass gets kicked?" In "Matters of the Heart," Russ points out that "Life is not a science; it's an art." And "I Want to Live This Love" deserves not only to be a pop hit but a standard."
- Peter Filichia, New Jersey Star Ledger

Songwriter Adryan Russ, co-creator along with playwright Doug Haverty of the award-winning musical Inside Out, has just released a CD of her songs on the LML label, Everyone Has A Story. Uber producer Bruce Kimmel produced. Grant Geissman did the arrangements and orchestrations. Russ' work covers a wide range of moods and emotions as her lyrics look at the human condition. But it's mostly an upbeat, uplifting experience about the ins and out of love. Titles such as "Matters of the Heart," "I Hate to See You Go," "The Better Love Is, The Worse It Is When It's Over," and "I Want to Live This Love" give you an idea of the bittersweet, romantic nature of Russ' songs. Russ and Kimmel have gathered a cornucopia of Southern California musical theater talent to bring the songs to life: Jason Graae, Tami Tappan, Sharon McKnight, Michelle Nicastro, Susan Egan, David Burnham, Lisa Richard and Cindy Benson are among the artists featured. Russ herself takes a turn behind the microphone with "Number."
- Rob Stevens, Showmag Notes